Inspiring Bright Futures!





Imagine a world where a child can’t say “I love You” or might not show physical love with a simple hug.

Imagine a world where children and families find hope and support with their child.  A place where their child will learn to give that hug…tell their Mom and Dad “I love you”, for the first time.

Imagine there’s a solution for your child.  Firefly is that solution for many families and needs your financial support to reach more families.

Please help us continue to help children and families walk

this path with your financial support.

The YouTube video below tells of one Firefly mom’s and kiddo’s story.http://youtu.be/Jo68FhDS7Z4

Firefly Autism is a 501©3 non-profit and an eligible facility for the Colorado Childcare Contribution Credit.

This means your donation may be eligible for a 50% credit against your Colorado State Income Taxes.  (consult your tax professional)