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A Diagnosis of Autism

Much like a marriage, a move to a new town for a new career or news that a child is on the way, a diagnosis of Autism is a life changing event. A diagnosis of Autism is not however, a negative event! Much to the contrary, a loved one on the autism spectrum experiences life through a different "filter". Their emotions are still wide-ranging, their experiences of joy are pure, their love is special. We want to assure you that a new diagnosis of autism means that you can be assured of an amazing and special journey that you get to share with your loved one, while providing them with every opportunity to experience a rich life of experience through support and education. That is where Firefly Autism comes in! Our compassionate staff is among the best in the State working with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We have staff trained at the highest level of academic best practices and staff with hundreds, even thousands of therapy hours helping people with ASD lead a more fulfilling life. 

While it is natural to be apprehensive and scared about the journey ahead for you and your family, you can trust our experts and you can trust our team of educators and therapists to turn your Can't, into Can.

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Referrals for Diagnosis

Firefly Autism does not provide direct diagnostic services, at this time. However, we can direct you to providers that do offer diagnostic services.

An autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis is required should you plan billing services to your insurance provider.

If you want to have your child evaluated for Autism Spectrum Disorder, you can contact one of the resources listed on our resources page.

Diagnosis Providers:

If you are a provider that would like to be included in our referral list, please see our resources page to request inclusion.


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