Social Skill Groups

Firefly social skills groups are developed to meet the social and emotional needs of children diagnosed with high functioning autism and/or Asperger Syndrome. We help group members effectively express feelings, communicate with others, and develop and maintain friendships in a positive, comfortable environment. We believe that our approach, coupled with strong group dynamics will help group members feel confident in their abilities to make friends within the group, as well as outside of the group setting. We offer opportunities to promote generalization of skills through our weekly Firefly Challenges.


The curriculum and goals for each Social Skills Group are developed based on the specific needs of each member in the group. The fun and interactive lessons (i.e. role playing, playing games, cooperative projects) help group members learn essential skills in an enjoyable manner. We use a variety of effective techniques to teach social skills, including coaching, rehearsal, and video feedback. Throughout the groups, we will collect and analyze behavior and skill acquisition data to show progress and mastery of skills.


Intake Process


During our intake process we collaborate with parents/guardians and the child to formulate individual goals focusing on the child’s social skill deficits. We also use this process to help us appropriately match children based on similar developmental levels and interests to help create friendships. The initial intake is a two part process. First one of our trained consultants will complete a phone intake interview with a parent/guardian. Second, the child will meet with the consultant for a skill and play assessment. After the initial consultation, parents/guardians will receive a written report summarizing social skill strengths, deficits, and individual group goals. For clients we are already treating in either our center based or home programs, we may modify the intake process. We do not guarantee placement in a group, even if the intake process has been completed. If an appropriate peer group is not available for your child we will not place him/her in a group. When an appropriate group is available you will not have to repeat the intake process. Please call 303-759-1192 or email to discuss this process.


Group Schedule and Expectations


For our ongoing groups, the same group will meet each week for 15 sessions at the Firefly Autism House. Groups last 2 hours with parent/guardian involvement during the last 15 minutes of the session to help parents/guardians remain updated on the skills being learned and to ensure parent/guardian support for weekly challenges. Groups consist of approximately 4-5 children with two group leaders. Group members are expected to attend every group session. Firefly staff will be responsible for notifying parents if a session will be cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances such as weather with the expectation that the session will be made up at the end of the 15 weeks. The 15 week sessions usually begin in late January, June, and September.


Intensive Social Skills Camps


Several times throughout the year, Firefly will offer week long Intensive Social Skill Camps during times such as Spring Break. We will post these events on our website and announce it in our newsletter. The above intake process will be the same for these camps.


Late Summer Social Skills Camp (August 5th-9th)


During the first week of August, we will be holding a one week intensive social skills camp involving instruction embedded within a fun, group format. With the structure of a school day, and the fun activities of a camp, Firefly strives to provide a naturalistic setting for a high rate of social learning opportunities for kids on the autism spectrum, or for children with social deficits. Social learning opportunities will be embedded within activities that occur typically within a camp setting, such as music, arts and crafts, cooperative projects, outdoor games and technology driven activities. Please refer to the description of our Social Skills Groups (under Outreach and Clinical Services) for more information. Please sign up by July 19th in order to confirm whether or not a group with the appropriate skills and ages will be available for your child.