Outreach Payment Information

Payment, Insurance, and Other Funding Options


Once you decide to become part of our Firefly family, you have several options regarding payment for your ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) services.




A number of insurance plans may provide coverage for ABA Therapy. If you have an insurance plan that is required to follow the HIMAT (Health Insurance Mandated Autism Treatment) statute then you should have coverage for ABA Therapy. To learn more about the HIMAT law, please visit the Autism Society of Colorado (


In order to determine if your insurance has coverage for ABA, please contact your insurance provider. You may need to be persistent in asking questions about your coverage for autism treatment in order to speak with someone at the insurance company who knows what ABA is. Some helpful tips would be to ask if you have an “enhanced autism benefit,” if you can speak with an “Autism Care Advocate,” or ask what department autism treatment falls under such as mental health or behavioral health.


Medicaid Waivers


If you do not have coverage for ABA therapy through an insurance provider, you may be able to qualify for a Medicaid Waiver. You should contact your local Community Center Board in order to explore the Medicaid Waivers (you do not have to be a Medicaid member in order to access the waivers) that provide funding for ABA as well as other services for a child with autism. Each county has its own Community Center Board. For a list please visit:


Two different waivers are administered by the Community Center Boards. The Children With Autism (CWA) Waiver applies to children ages 0-5 years old.  The Children’s Extensive Support (CES) Waiver, provides funding for children with special needs (not just children with autism). Both waivers have a waitlist; however, the waitlist for the CES waiver has generally been shorter.


If your child is ages 0-3, you may also be able to access funding through the Early Intervention program. Again, please contact your local Community Center Board to learn more about this program and to find out if your child qualifies.


Paying Privately


If you do not have insurance coverage or some other form of financial support, we can always set up a private pay contract. Firefly would provide you with the contract for your review before the start of any services. The contract could involve a payment plan in order to help your family plan financially for your services. Please contact our office if this is the option that you will choose as payment for services.


Firefly Autism accepts personal checks, which should be made out to the Alta Vista Center for Autism and mailed to:


Firefly Autism
2695 S. Jersey Street
Denver, CO 80222


We also accept MasterCard and Visa at the Firefly Autism House.


Online Payments

Safe and secure online payments are available through PayPal by clicking on the button below. Please note: When paying online, please reference the invoice number OR add a date and description of individual service in the “Notes” section during the last step of the transaction.




If you have any questions please contact Mary Korch at 303.759.1192 ext. 15 or email