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To get started on your journey with Firefly Autism, Complete the REFERRAL FORM and submit it to Firefly Autism. By mail or drop off: Firefly Autism, 2695 South Jersey Street, Denver, CO 80222 By fax: (303) 759-1194 By email: firefly@fireflyautism.org Or, send us your inquiry through Contact Us.
Once we receive the completed referral form, we will contact you to discuss the needs of your child and family, financial concerns, answer your questions and explain what Firefly Autism can provide.
This informal assessment period is an opportunity for us to get to know your child's strengths, needs and potential areas of focus, as well as your family's goals for your child. During or after the assessment, appropriate services will be recommend.



Diagnostic services

Firefly Autism does not provide direct diagnostic services, at this time. However, we can direct you to providers that do offer diagnostic services. An autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis is required should you plan billing services to your insurance provider. If you want to have your child evaluated for Autism Spectrum Disorder, you can contact one of the resources listed on our resources page. If you are a provider that would like to be included in our referral list, please contact us.

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Firefly Autism is a United States registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.