Early Childhood

The Early Childhood program serves children 18 months to six years of age who will benefit from an individualized, structured learning program. This program can serve up to 10 children at a time both at our center and in the home. We use intensive instructional programming, applied behavior analysis and naturalistic teaching within daily routines to establish, maintain, and increase the children's active engagement with people and their surroundings. Individual strengths and needs are identified across all developmental areas including social, language/communication, cognition, motor, play skills, and adaptive/life skills. Progress is assessed daily through graphing and data analysis. Each 12 weeks, goals are reviewed. This review often leads to new goals or a revision of current goals to focus on for that individual student for the next 12 weeks.


Firefly Autism delivers individualized behavior support that is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA intervention is effective for supporting individuals with autism, documented by hundreds of studies, and endorsed by the Surgeon General (as well as the American Academy of Family Pediatrics, American Psychological Association, American Speech-Language Hearing Association, Autism Society of America, and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development). Firefly Autism uses ABA and its powerful technology of teaching, informed by best practices and current research, to implement empirically based (data-proven) autism intervention to address families’ goals and needs. At Firefly, each student can develop meaningful social relationships and interests, while building fluency in functional communication, adaptive, academic, and other skills essential to meaningful access to their home and community.


Intensive high quality intervention

  • 1:1 and group instruction that includes incidental teaching, structured learning opportunities, relationship building, sensory social routines
  • Planned opportunities for interactions with typical peers
  • Nationally recognized pre and post assessments
  • Individualized data collection
  • Regular review and holistic consideration of individual children by clinical management team


Speech and occupational therapy

  • Weekly consultation and direct individual therapy from highly experienced autism professionals
  • Speech and occupational therapy goals embedded in natural daily routines
  • Daily activities focusing on social-relatedness and communication development
  • Parent training
  • Quarterly parent training sessions
  • Training includes observation, feedback, hands-on learning opportunities
  • Initial home visits
  • Individualized, regular progress meetings



  • Highly qualified staff meeting or exceeding Colorado Department of Education standards
  • Masters level, Early Childhood Program Coordinator
  • Board certified behavior analyst
  • Speech/language pathologists, occupational therapist, clinical psychologist, licensed teachers