Child Stories

Discover insightful stories from our Early Childhood families.

Keifer's Story

Our son Keifer was born July 11, 2003 in Worland, Wyoming. At 17 months, he had not yet begun to walk or talk. Three months later, he was walking but wasn’t talking, seemed to prefer to be alone, liked to twirl objects or spin the wheels of his toy cars, wouldn’t acknowledge us when we called his name, did not point to objects, would only “play” with electronic toys that made noises or had lights. His diet consisted of only 5 foods and he had begun to constantly wiggle his fingers in front of his eyes.

Declan's Story

My son, Declan, was diagnosed with autism on June 22, 2006. He was 26 months at the time. While not surprised, I was shocked that this was now a reality. Declan had always been a very sensitive baby from the time he was born. At six hours old, my husband and I knew something was different about him. The nurses at St. Joseph's hospital kept kicking him out of the nursery for screaming so loudly he was upsetting the other newborns. We started calling him the boomerang baby.

Jack's Story

Jack seemed to be a typical albeit challenging infant. He was a poor sleeper and rarely took naps. He was a strong healthy newborn weighing 9lbs 3oz. at birth and was born in Sydney, Australia Nov 2003. Jack developed normally but did not respond well to verbal communication attempts. By 18 months he only had a few sound approximations mixed with under 10 words. By 24 months that had not changed and we began to have concerns about possible hearing loss due to constant ear infections. Jack had also developed issues with eating, having only a very select diet but no allergies.

Landon's Story

Landon was diagnosed with autism at the age of two years old. He was a very happy boy who lacked eye contact, was unable to make his needs known, had virtually no verbal skills, and preferred to spin Tupperware bowls on the wood floor instead of socializing with family and friends.