Child Stories

Carissa's Story

By 2003 (age 8), Carissa had never spoken a word. After years of therapy with traditional speech therapists, she could not speak and could not express herself using sign language or pictures. She could not tell us that she wanted a cookie, had a headache, or was tired. She would whine, and we would go through a checklist of things she might want until she stopped. Negative behaviors emerged as a result of her not being able to communicate. Violent tantrums occurred several times each day.

Will's Story

Will was diagnosed at the age of 3 and a half in the fall of 2001 at Children’s Hospital in Denver. At that point he started speech therapy, occupational therapy and had one on one tutors (home therapy program) coming to the house in addition to taking him to a special needs preschool. I was constantly driving, coordinating Will’s programs and therapists and hiring new ones as people quit for grad school, etc.

Anthony's Story

Prior to attending Firefly, Anthony experienced many difficult school placements. When he first came to Firefly Autism, he was somewhat broken and untrusting of teachers. To look at him now and see how far he has come, is short of a miracle.